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Hemmat | jame jam
Evin Hotel
Valiasr Hospital
Sina Hospital
Mehrabad Meli Bank
Larsy | Shemshak
Marina Park Hotel
Parand Project
Pak Andishan Tower
Kousar Tower
Modarres Hospital
Fundamental Sciences Center
Ramsar Hotel
Homa Hotel
Vesal Forum
Arge Tajrish - PVC Sheet
Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
Center for Research and Training in Skin Diseases
Pardis Project
Employee housing cooperative project of ideological and political IRIB
Homareshtan project
Naserin Residential Complex
Hashemi Rafsanjani Hospital
Hazrat Abolfazl Hospital
Specialized Hospital of Langroud
Valiasr Hospital, Tehran
Tamasha Complex
Alwand Arak Investment Company
3300 unit project of Campus Housing Investment Company
Foundation for Basic Science Project
Al-Reza Mosque Project - Dibaji Ave.
Hotel Evin
Parsian Ramsar Hotel
Mashhad Oil Company Hotel Project
Capary Hotel
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