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HIG profile specifications
Physical specifications
consistent with the weather all over the country, Homareshtan profiles are produced in 3 holes, 60 mm wide in the hinged series and 73 mm wide in the sliding series, and 3 mm of wall thickness.
Manufacturing technology
HIG’s machinery and equipment for manufacture of profiles have been supplied by world''''s most renowned manufacturers, i.e. SKZ of Germany and Greiner of Austria.
It is noteworthy that Homareshtan Industrial Group is the only manufacturer that has recently renovated and refurbished its production lines and replaced their internal parts such as cylinder and extruder screw upon heavy costs. In line with these improvements, the company''''s main profile molds have been renovated. At the moment, HIG’s profiles are manufactured under RALGZ-716 at Grade A. The products are supplied to customers after quality control and specific tests in well-equipped laboratories.
Raw materials
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex (Ghadir), the powder applied to profiles is mixed with additives prepared entirely by European companies such as Chemson, which altogether manufactures top quality profiles offering unique features.
Evidence of top quality is the reputation of Homareshtan profiles over the last 10 years of manufacturing as well as the acquired licenses. Most notably, the HIG profiles are offered with a 25-year warranty and a 10-year insurance coverage supported by dozens of domestic and foreign certificates.

Diversity of sections:
The HIG profiles are produced in 18 sections facilitating the manufacture of hinged, sliding, French and other models of windows and doors.
It should be noted that HIG offers, in its collection of products, reconstruction profiles for replacement of old mesh windows.

Variety of colors:
Aside from white products, Industrial Group Homareshtan initiated its activity by manufacturing of wood laminated profiles in three color schemes popular in the market. In fact, HIG is the oldest manufacturer of laminated colorful UPVC products. Also in the product portfolio of HIG, there is a one-sided laminated wood model.
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