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Wood Plast
Homa Wood, a new generation of wood products
As a producer of UPVC profiles for the manufacture of doors, windows, hard and soft PVC sheets, Homareshtan Industrial Group has continued its development plans by launching a new production line for composite wood-polymer profile branded Homa Wood. The production technology, machinery and equipment have been supplied by Greiner (Austria) and Krauss Maffei. Relying on years of experience and technical knowledge of the two companies, HIG has been able to offer perfect and reliable products. The scope of application for this product is even broader than that of wood, because both indoor and outdoor areas of a building can be used through adjusting the formulation and production conditions. The different colors and wood film coating have further expanded the scope of application for Homa Wood. Homa Wood has been mainly designed and offered as wall plugs and baseboards Homa Wood is basically characterized by sustained quality over time, different lengths, environmentally friendly, paintability and coatability, applicable to simple woodworking tools and so on. Homa Wood prices have been slashed and quality has been enhanced owing to advanced production lines, uniquely beautiful deign and broad range of application as an alternative to wood in interior decoration.
Features and advantages of Homa Wood
1. Sustained quality over time: Unlike the conventional wood products operations requiring complex and expensive protection is in their production process and consequent efficiencies in external spaces, Homa Wood remains stable and without discoloration in terms of surfaces, outward appearance and dimensions.
2. Application in external environment: It is impossible to apply wood without surface protection in external environments. Nonetheless, Homa Wood can be exposed to harsh atmospheric conditions without going through any alteration in paint and coating. In addition, it can be repainted at any time similar to any other wood product even years after installation if needed.
3. Production in different lengths: Although the profile production standard for Homa Wood applies to 8.2-meter wall plugs, the profiles can be produced in any other length in certain cases, if necessary, to speed up installation and reduce waste in large-scale projects.
4. Environmentally friendly: Unlike conventional wood, Homa Wood products are environmentally friendly and can be recycled even after cutting and installation.
5. Paintability and coatability: Standard construction paint and surface preparation can be desirably applied to Homa Wood wall plugs. Meanwhile, they can be coated with films similar to wood or polymer wall plugs. In an effort to improve quality and diversify products according to customer needs and preferences, HIG has produced profiles coated with wood film, colorful and embossed patterns.
6. Applicable to simple woodworking tools: No special equipment is required to cut or install this product, since it can be treated with the simplest woodworking tools for complementary operations such as cutting, drilling, adhesion, etc.
Homa Wood wall plug foundation
Homa Wood wall plugs are produced on large quantity and dimensions of 280 cm x 15 cm (one branch). The quality and strength of main components (polymer and wood fibers) and unique beauty of these products have been appealing to architects, interior designers and structural engineers. The wall plugs are produced both raw and laminated. Given the structural form of cross-section, each branch (figure below) can be easily matched and clicked with other branches.
Homa Wood wall plug foundation and installation on hard walls are quite simple. Simple installation is regarded one of the advantages of this product. After laying the plug on the aligned wall, special tools such as brad nailer are employed to complete the operation. The nails are covered by clicking the next wall plugs. After installation, the nails are invisible. Homa Wood has been designed to provide optimal durability of wall plugs.
Homareshtan polywood baseboards
Homa Wood beautiful baseboards are produced raw in dimensions of 9 cm x 300 cm (one branch). Homa Wood baseboards involve a blending of wood particles within polymer matrices. Wood particles coated with polymer given special properties to this product. Homa Wood wall plugs are offered with top quality, easy installation and unique beauty, providing an appropriate tool for beautification of homes, offices, villas, stores, hotels, restaurants and tourist landmarks. Given their structure, these products can be an alter to wood in terms of durability, which has grabbed the attention of architects, interior designers and structural engineers.
Homa Wood lamination styles
In an effort to improve quality and diversify products according to customer needs and preferences, HIG has produced profiles coated with wood film, colorful and embossed patterns. You can view several sample designs and colors in the images.
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